ALBO was established in 1991, initially developing simple storage activities. Approximately one year later, the company obtained permission to operate as an Authorized Bonded Warehouse by Resolution of the National Superintendence of Customs No. 0710, in the area comprising the jurisdiction of the maritime customs of Callao and Jorge Chávez International Airport. Since then we are constantly working on the progress and expansion of our company and the continuous development of our services. As part of this development we presented in 2017 our new services of air cargo to our terminal (temporary aerial warehousing). Our Simple Storage, Bonded Warehousing as well as Temporary Aerial Warehousing Services comprise the storage, handling, preservation and custody of foreign, national or nationalized merchandise; for which ALBO in its headquarters in Callao and satellite warehouses in Lurin, Trujillo and Piura has more than 80,000 square meters of available area with fully covered and closed warehouses, Digital CCTV, 24/7 security service, suitable for the good conservation of our clients’ products. ALBO is part of the Carranza Group, which also has presence in the cities of Arequipa, Chiclayo, Piura and Trujillo.


In ALBO we are dedicated to the management of the merchandise of our customers. In our desire to achieve a higher quality in our services, as well as a more positive attitude towards the environment, we work with the following guidelines within our company: Achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on the trust, compliance and loyalty of our customers gained through an affable treatment and an extra effort in the care of their products. Dedicate ourselves to continuously improve the quality of our services with the greatest flexibility with regard to proposals of our customers while preserving the profitability of our business. ALBO carries out best practice environmental management within its facilities to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the surrounding environment and neighboring companies. Establish effective controls on our suppliers of services and subcontractors from the point of view of their quality at work. Constant training of all employees, to ensure a fast and efficient service, under the latest safety regulations.




We have over 80,000 square meters of warehouses strategically located in each city to facilitate the efficient warehousing and distribution of our clients’ merchandise and products.


Our facilities and years’ experience in the market allow us to guarantee the optimum management and distribution of your merchandise.


24-hour surveillance by trained personnel, supported by high definition security cameras (CCTV) distributed throughout all our facilities. Our infrastructure has a fire prevention and control system with dry pipe network, fire extinguishers distributed throughout the warehouses, smoke detection system per photobeans and a flexible insurance coverage for our customers’ merchandise.

Materials Handling Equipment

ALBO maintains a range of electric, fuel and gas materials handling equipment in order to store and manipulate our clients’ goods to minimize handling and storage times, to avoid excessive efforts of the workers, to reduce costs, and at the same time to contribute to the activities more efficiently. Our fleet of forklifts caters to different capacities of load up to 10 tons, with their respective accessories for the handling of specialized loads, electric stackers, hydraulic forklifts for the handling in floor and wide stock of pallets.



We are a company that provides solutions in storage, we have a human group committed to satisfy the needs of each of our customers, ensuring a safe and timely service.


To be the leading logistic operator with national presence in Peru, characterized by our reliable, efficient and innovative services.


Responsibility Honesty Service vocation Teamwork Order and Cleanliness
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