In ALBO we always seek to respond to the requirements of our customers. Through our range of solutions, you will be able to enjoy a direct and personalized attention. Enter each of our options and learn more about the services we have developed for you. AIR TERMINAL BOUNDED WAREHOUSE SIMPLE STORAGE DISTRIBUTION CENTER LEASING PROJECT UNIT DOCUMENT STORAGE


In ALBO we are happy to announce the addition of the Air Terminal service to our list of services. We have an area equipped with racks and areas suitable for different types of air cargo serviced with modern equipment for loading and unloading, providing security and speed of care. We have also certified balances to measure semi-trailers (60 tons), pallets (5 tons), boxes (300 kg) and trained personnel with the specialized experience required for the attention of air cargo. Advantages: Free of operational overload congestion 100% of our staff is focused on the redirection of your air freight Attention to dispatchers for dispatches in maximum 20 minutes Competitive tariff plan Support and speed in dispatches of freight


Our Simple Storage Service always has an alternative tailored to the requirements of our customers, with different service options, billing methods and types of information. In this type of deposit, our customers can store merchandise that will be delivered according to their needs, with the advantage of the multiple locations that we have in Callao, Lurín, Trujillo and Piura.


ALBO has become a very important member of the logistic sector, thanks to our years of experience and exceptional service. Bonded warehouse one of our main services since ALBO was established. The customs bonded warehousing modality allows the storage of merchandise under the control of Customs. In this modality, merchandise is stored without the payment of customs duties and other taxes on imports, for a maximum period of 12 months. During this time, partial withdrawals can be made through fractional payments of these duties and taxes, which can provide your company with more flexibility in financial and logistics management.


At ALBO, we offer services associated with the supply and distribution chain of merchandise. We have infrastructure and control systems specially designed for an agile flow of entry or exit required by the client, such as options of loading bays to allow the simultaneous entry and dispatch of merchandise, and inventory control in real time access via web.


At ALBO we have clients from many sectors, sizes and needs, which is why we adapt. We offer leasing of complete warehouses, offices and showrooms so that our clients are comfortable in their own environment.


At ALBO, we are committed to finding the best solutions. As we know that not all customers have the same needs, we adapt to solve their storage problems. In association with our clients, we can build warehouses from green field sites, that meet our clients specific requirements.


We know that documents keep the history of a company, that is why in ALBO we make the process of administration and custody of your documents very simple. All the files are placed in duly labeled boxes to be stored and be at your disposal when required. Additionally, we offer document scanning and data capturing services for critical document control.
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